Sparwick Contracting, Inc is a heavy construction company based in Lafayette, New Jersey.

Founded in 1993, Sparwick has a long reputation for working well with both public and private owners to deliver our projects on time and within budget.   The company is owned and operated by the Fagersten Family.  Richard Fagersten, founded the company and continues to work on a daily basis as project manager.  Rick’s sons, Brian Fagersten, President and Mark Fagersten, Vice President purchased the company in 2014 and continue the goals established over the company’s history.

Sparwick is a union shop, working with various locals including laborers, dock builders, operating engineers, carpenters, and ironworkers.

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Heavy Civil Construction

From Bridges to Parking Garages, Dams, Retaining Walls, and Railroads, Sparwick provides expertly trained crews in numerous kinds of heavy and civil construction.

Heavy Construction Repair

Whether emergency or routine maintenance of structures, Sparwick is prepared and experienced in rehabilitating numerous types of structures.

Geotechnical & Marine

From piles and lateral earth support to docks, piers, boardwalks and marine access, Sparwick is experienced in many geotechnical and marine construction applications.

Specialty Construction

From Helical piles and tiebacks to tactile warning surface, gunite, asphaltic plug joints, and epoxy crack injection, and lead paint removal Sparwick has crews trained in many specialty construction applications.

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